Breadth First Traversal

Given the root node of a binary tree root, return an array containing the Breadth-First traversal of the tree.


=> returns [[1], [2,3], [4,5,6]]\notag \def\t#1{\texttt{#1}} \large\t{=> returns } \Big[ \t{[1], [2,3], [4,5,6]} \Big]
First Few Test Cases:

Since this is a BFS problem, we can jump right into the code. Here's the code for a BFS that goes layer by layer, which you should memorize:

Now let's modify this code to get the solution. We want to add all the values in a layer to an array, which we'll call layer. We're done with a layer, we'll add it to our solution soln. You can stick some lines of code into the above BFS to code this up:

Time Complexity O(n)O(n). We look through every node in the tree.

Space Complexity O(n)O(n). We store an array with all the values.

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Test your code to get an output here!
Test your code to get an output here!