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Simpler than other resources.


A treacherous journey through every problem.


One simple approach - Recursion.

Developed and reviewed by Engineers from these cool places.


Solve problems in the right order.

We start with the basics and gradually crank up the difficulty, reaching very advanced concepts. Simply follow the lesson numbers and you'll be solving hard problems without even realizing it.
Solve problems in the right order.
Data Structures done intuitively.

Data Structures done intuitively.

Learn about every data structure you'll ever see in a coding interview. Also be sure to check out our cheatsheet, Every Data Structure on 1 Page.

Unparalleled organization.

On DeriveIt, you practice many similar problems in succession, so you can actually get good at each topic. We don't just lump all the Tree problems into a massive "Trees" category.

Big O made easy.

Learn useful complexity insights that you won't find elsewhere. Every solution has a detailed time and space complexity analysis that even includes the Call Stack.

Everything you need.

We're a simpler, smarter course that teaches you everything you need to ace your coding interviews.